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12-week Lifestyle Intensive

Here’s what I have:

In my 12-week program, you will learn how to torch body fat, develop (or discover) the strength you may not realize you have (physically AND mentally), and find the sexy that is already inside you!

  • Receive a customized exercise plan catered to YOU and your goals
  • Complete meal plan: grocery lists, meal schedule, full recipes
  • Realize your deep seeded reason/s (your “why”) for wanting to change
  • Learn what matters in nutrition
  • Understand stress and overeating and how to prevent it
  • Learn how sugar, gut health and hormones can hinder your results
  • Learn why sleep is so important to your overall health and well-being
  • Learn how to develop new healthy habits as a sustainable lifestyle
  • Transform your mindset, your approach to health, and your entire life
  • Become the lifestyle standard for everyone around you to live up to

Here’s how it works:

  • Shift your mindset from a short-term, “perpetual diet” approach to a long-term lifestyle change and reconstruct your perspective on health
  • Make food decisions based on what your body needs to thrive, not just survive
  • See exercise and movement as a tool to living a higher quality existence, rather than simply burning calories to be skinny

Here’s why it’s different:

  • You’re creating a new perspective for yourself and how you live
  • You’re not simply changing your body; you’re altering your lifestyle
  • You’re increasing your daily movement and exercising to improve the capability of that movement on a consistent basis

Here’s what you should do:

  • Let go of everything you’ve tried in the past and have ultimately been unable to find lasting success
  • Realize that the only thing stopping you is YOU
  • With the right support and guidance through a quality process, you will see what you’re truly capable of when it comes to taking care of your health and ultimately, the health of those around you

Here’s why you should do it NOW:

  • Waiting for the “right time” or the perfect scenario before you start does nothing but stall progress
  • Going all-in and trusting yourself will build your confidence to realize you are capable of so much more than how you’re currently living
  • Changing your life NOW is what will get you the life you always dreamed of, but never thought possible

YOU have control over what happens to you in your life!

Do it scared if you have to!

Trust yourself and take power over your actions!

Be confident that you can do this!

I’ll be right here with you the whole time…LET’S GO!!!

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