About Us

The year of 2018 was one of the most challenging times of our lives. My husband was laid up in bed, physically unable to go to work for 9 out of 12 months that year. He suffered from a number of symptoms that had no relation to any one sickness. At the same time he was losing his battle with PTSD, depression & alcoholism.

We desperately searched for a reason, any reason, for why he had so much pain in his joints. Why he had severe stomach cramps. Why he had sporadic rashes all over his body. Why he had bouts of intestinal inflammation causing constipation, diarrhea, & bleeding. Why he chronically slept like he had mono.

About Essentials Fitness

We sought out multiple specialists trying to diagnose the reason for even one of his symptoms. After a colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRI, X-rays, CAT scans, saliva tests, urine tests, and a multitude of blood tests, we were no closer to an answer than when we started. The symptoms continued.

To add to it, he was smoking a pack of cigarettes & drinking a gallon of malt liquor a day to "temporarily" numb the pain. I drank as well because I was angry. At the time, I didn't understand why he couldn't just “get over it and be happy”.

He was eating whatever food was convenient b/c he saw no reason to make an effort when he felt so horrible anyway. I was eating unhealthy as well b/c I lost my drive & stopped caring about myself enough to stay strong for my family.

He was losing hope. He was depressed. I was out of energy to try to lift him up anymore. We were defeated. Our marriage was suffering immensely. We were nowhere close to the people we wanted to be or the parents we needed to be to our kids (who were just 9 & 3 at the time). Our family was on the brink of collapse.

Something needed to change. WE needed to change.

If he didn't change, he was going to die b/c his organs were beginning to shut down. Our marriage was falling apart b/c I couldn't help him out of his own darkness. He realized he had to heal himself. He realized that if he didn't take care of his health, then his children would miss out on life with daddy.


He started going to counseling to recover from PTSD & depression. Following that, we started going to marriage counseling. Then we started exercising every single day.

I received my Precision Nutrition Coaching certification & we started cooking meals at home so we knew exactly what they consisted of. He stopped drinking & smoking cold turkey (sober since September 2018). We stopped eating fast food (100%). He started reading every day (a wide variety of genres) & he motivated me to start reading as well (I love it).

Our marriage is thriving. He is living his best life now. We are taking steps to make our life together even better.

We are proof that you can be in the darkest of places and feel like nothing can change (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually). That you can be on the edge of a cliff ready to let go & give up b/c "it's just too much".

And then, you take one little step forward, then another, then another…soon, before you know it you're moving forward side by side as a team. You have come together & overcome a mountain of obstacles & are completely different on the other side.

Collectively we have lost over 100lbs. Our overall health has dramatically improved. With the absence of pain & increase in energy we are now able to devote more quality time to our family and our mission is to share this gift with as many people as possible.

Combining my Masters degree in health & fitness & the first-hand knowledge gained from living an unhealthy lifestyle, I have developed a program to teach others the essentials of how to exercise for longevity & change people's mindset around their approach to nutrition.

You only have one life, so Live Better.